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Struggling with online performance? Our SEO support can help!

Ideal for startups and SMEs

Prompt completion

Market leading prices

Fully remote service

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, get it right and you’ll appear top in online searches, opening your business up to a global client base, but get it wrong and your company will fall behind your competitors, losing out on engagement, and ultimately revenue. 

So why leave it up to chance?

At ZOOZLY, we believe we’re better than most at designing and delivering effective SEO strategy, with years of experience assisting client within the public, private, and charitable sectors, across a wealth of industries. 
One thing we know for certain, is that no two organisations are alike, so we create bespoke SEO plans for each of our clients, ensuring that we cater our approach to their exact needs. In doing so, we've helped newly formed startups, and established SMEs, identify previously unexplored opportunities, increase website traffic, and improve customer engagement, all by an average of 179%.

Therefore, no matter what assistance your company requireswe’ll collaborate with you closely to help you achieve your goals.

Our SEO Support Includes: 
  • Strategic Planning

  • Keyword Research 

  • Copywriting 

  • Asset Tagging

  • Analytical Tracking

  • Ad Hoc Requests


How We Work

Three simple steps to improve your SEO!


Get in touch!

Get in touch with us via our contact page. There you can arrange an online meet at a date and time which is convenient for you.

During our call we'll discuss your SEO activities to date, delve into your requirements in greater detail, establish a deadline for completion, and outline what systems we require access to, in order to get started. 


Review and Planning

After we've been granted access to the systems we require, we'll start by reviewing your present day SEO performance, highlighting all possible improvements that can be made. 

Once complete, we'll compile a report, as well as creating a bespoke SEO plan for your business, incorporating all of the key points highlighted within our initial discussion.


We'll then share this with you so that you can review our work in depth, ask questions on any elements you're unsure of, and provide feedback. We'll collaborate with your team closely, ensuring you're 100% satisfied with the approach taken.


Strategy Implementation

After we’ve agreed on the required approach, we’ll get to work on delivering the outlined strategic plan, systematically addressing your SEO challenges step by step. 


Upon completion, we’ll provide a detailed analytical review on the improvements made, showing a side by side comparison of your platform, before and after our support.


To complete the project, we'll then arrange a follow-up call with both you, and your team, to discuss the review in greater detail.

Our support spans far beyond conducting an SEO review, and instilling improvements though. In fact we can actually review your whole organisation, and help improve company wide performance, all with our Company Health Checks.

Get Found

Optimise your search engine performance with expert support delivered by ... well us!

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