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Professional Coaching

Looking to develop your career, but not sure how? We'll lead the way with our Professional Coaching!

Ideal for anybody

One time or on demand

Market leading prices

Fully remote service

Whether you're just starting out in your career, or an experienced professional looking for fresh insight, our professional coaching is here to add value to you. At ZOOZLY, we work with professionals from all over the globe in helping them achieve their goals, and take the next step in their career journey.
But don't just take our word for it, read our reviews!

We'll kick things off by delving into where you've been, where you are at present, and where you're aspiring to go. From there we'll get to work on a bespoke growth plan for you, highlighting areas of development, and detailing a strategy in which to help you achieve your targets.
To ensure success we'll check in with you at a frequency that works for you, to evaluate your progress along the way, and provide expert guidance throughout your journey.
Our ambition is to help you achieve professional development, without you having to pay obscene amounts to do so!

Below are the different aspects of our Professional Coaching Support

Diagnostic Assessment

Goal Setting

Growth Plan

Timeline for Success

Performance Analysis

Interview Practice

CV Writing

Cover Letter Support

Canva Training Sessions

Copywriting Training Sessions


How We Work

Three simple steps to career progression!


Get in touch!

Get in touch with us via our contact page, where you'll be able to book an introductory call with our team, it's simple!


Discovery Call

In our discovery call we'll run through the basics, such as your career and education history, present situation, ambitions, and what you're looking to achieve from our Professional Coaching Package. 

This talk will also give you a chance to run through any questions you may have, and set the frequency of your coaching appointments.


Coaching can be a one time process or on a regular basis, it's truly whatever works best for you.


Coaching Begins

Following our initial discussion, we'll get to work on exploring some of the areas you detailed in our previous conversation, highlighting areas for growth, and identifying strategies in which to help you achieve your long-term targets. 

We'll then discuss these with you in our next meet, where we'll create a plan of action to guarantee your success, as well as putting in checkpoints to review your progress along the way.

If you're an entrepreneur looking to set up a new business, we can even support you there too, with our Business Basics package.

Superb Professional Coaching

The professional coaching ZOOZLY provided for me has helped me change careers, and explore new opportunities. They’ve supported me in my development and provided great advice.

Develop Your Career

Our Professional Coaching will add value to you both professionally, and personally.

Get in touch to kickstart your ZOOZLY journey.