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Analytical Tracking

Who ever said knowledge is power? Oh yeah, we did! 

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Without knowing where you’ve been, how can you hope to discover where you’re headed? 

Track business performance, highlight opportunities for growth, and catch trends before they turn into problems, with in-depth analytical tracking, built bespoke to your organisation.

At ZOOZLY, our team have worked across a wide range of sectors with a host of global clients, and in doing so have always found analytics to be the base of any growth plan. This is because with meaningful analytical tracking, data can be monitored and measured, to help optimise performance, perfect targeting, and limit resource wastage, along with financial outlays.

So by working with our team under an NDA agreement, either as one time activity, or through ongoing support, you’ll have unique insights into your business, website, and marketing performance, along with professional guidance on how to perfect your current processes. 

Our Analytical Tracking Includes: 
  • Detailed Performance Review

  • User Behaviour Analysis 

  • Behavioural Segmentation

  • Statical Breakdown 

  • Growth Insights 

  • Content and Trend Highlights

  • Resource Allocation Guidance

  • Privacy Regulation Compliance

  • Professional Recommendations 

  • Ad Hoc Requests


How We Work

Three simple steps to track performance!


Get in touch!

Reach out us via our contact page

There you can arrange an online meet at a date and time which is convenient for you.

 During our call we'll discuss your  requirements, and find out a little more about your current processes, and ongoing tracking techniques. This will allow us to understand what analytical activities your business has previously undertaken, in addition to what data you used to guide your decisions. 



After ironing out the basics, we'll sign an NDA before we outline what systems we require access to, in order to get started. 

Once we've been granted access, we'll start by reviewing your present day tracking techniques, highlighting all possible improvements that can be made. 

We’ll then suggest a range of additional tracking systems which we feel best suit your company, before integrating them within your current processes. 


Tracking and Feedback

Once integrated we’ll allow the new systems to gather data over a collectively agreed period.


When complete, we'll compile a report on our findings. This will include analytical data from both the pre-existing, and new systems, in addition to our professional review of your current performance, and resource allocation. 

We'll then arrange a follow up call to discuss the report in depth with you, providing an opportunity to answer any questions you may have, in addition to sharing our insight on where we believe the biggest opportunities for future growth are. 


This can be a one time activity, or performed periodically as ongoing support, whichever best suits your business needs. 


We can also help guide your team too, as well as your company, with our Professional Coaching Support. Working in a CPD like model, we help professionals from all over the globe to develop their skills.

Track The Data That Matters

With insightful data on your business, our professional analytical tracking will revolutionise your workflows! 

Get in touch to get started today!