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SWOT Analysis

Analyse internal capabilities and external market conditions with a professional SWOT analysis, delivered by, well us!

Ideal for startups and SMEs

Trusted by professionals

Flexible timeframes

Fully remote service

SWOT analyses review the internal strengths(S) and weaknesses(W) of an organisation, along with analysing the external opportunities(O) and threats(T) of the market, hence the abbreviated title, SWOT. They're perfect for companies of all sizes, whether you've a new business on the cusp of launch, or an established SME with decades of experience behind you. 
With a professional SWOT analysis delivered by ZOOZLY we'll provide a framework from which your organisation can match its goals, processes, and resources against the environment in which it operates, as well as the internal capabilities of the company, and its workforce. This will allow your business to shape current and future operations around upcoming market trends, develop strategic goals for internal improvement, and produce long term forecasts on realistic growth metrics. 

Our SWOT Analysis Includes:
  • Flexible Timeframes

  • Internal Analysis (Strengths and Weaknesses)

  • Economic and Industry Review (Opportunities and Threats)

  • Strategic Planning Advice

  • Ad Hoc Requests


How We Work

Two simple steps for meaningful insights!


Get in touch!

Get in touch with us via our contact page. There you can arrange an online meet at a date and time that best fits in with your schedule.


Once arranged, we'll utilise the call to discuss details of your requirements, ask a couple of questions, issue you with a marketing leading quote, and tell you everything we need from you, in order to conduct a comprehensive SWOT analysis.


SWOT Complete

Once we have everything we need, we'll begin work right away compiling your SWOT, before presenting it to your team within a comprehensive report. 

We'll then be on hand for a

follow-up call to answer any questions you may have, and advise on the best course of action for you business going forward.

But why stop there?! We can also design a new website for your company with our Website Creation package, or spearhead an effective marketing campaign with our Marketing Support. At ZOOZLY, your business, is our business. 

Shape Your Future

Identify internal strengths, address weaknesses, highlight areas for growth, and mitigate external risks, with a professional SWOT analysis.

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