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Performance Review

Need a fresh pair of eyes to review your company's performance? Our professional assessment will uncover unnecessary expenditure, and highlight areas for growth!

Ideal for startups and SMEs

Trusted by professionals

Market leading prices

Fully remote service

Reassess your business activities, define your internal processes, and maximise your output, with an in-depth Performance Review delivered by ZOOZLY. 


Working with our team under an NDA agreement, we’ll spend time examining your business through a combination of measures, for instance this could include tracking your historical performance data, conducting an expenditure analysis, measuring employee turnover, or scoring your sustainability, to name but a few. This will provide us with a clear insight into your output, customer satisfaction, resource allocation, market share, and workforce productivity.


Using this data, we'll assess your performance against preset organisational objectives, and KPIs, before scoring your activity, designing a bespoke strategic plan, outlining a set of key objectives, and creating a priority ranking list of tasks to be completed. Collectively this will help your business capitalise on growth opportunities, mitigate risks, and address problem areas. 


The resultant outcome will provide your business with guidance on how to shape current and future operations around upcoming market trends, minimise financial outlays, strengthen internal controls, and better track financial performance.

Our Performance Review Includes:
  • 5 Point Rating Scale

  • Performance Tracking

  • Expenditure Analysis

  • Operational Review

  • Customer Satisfaction Index

  • Sustainability Evaluation

  • Strategic Planning Advice

  • Objective Setting

  • Ad Hoc Requests


How We Work

Three simple steps for an in-depth assessment of your business!


Get in touch!

Get in touch with us via our contact pageThere you can arrange a date and time for an online call, in order to run through everything you require. 


Discussion and Sign-off

In the discovery call with your team we’ll look to understand your business as best as possible, and ask some introductory questions on your current operational processes. 


From here we’ll sign any non-disclosure agreements that you require, before requesting access to the relevant documents and resources needed for us to conduct our performance review. 


Analysis and Review

Once we've been given access to the resources we require, we'll get to work right away, measuring key performance metrics against organisational objectives. When complete, we'll then score your activity on a 5 point scale, outline a set of key objectives, create a priority ranking list of tasks to be completed, and finally draw up a bespoke strategic plan for your company.

We'll deliver all this to you within an comprehensive report, as well as arranging a follow up call to discuss all this with you in greater detail.


We can even go one step further with our Professional Coaching support, and work with each individual member of your team, to help guide their development.

Increase Productivity

By evaluating organisational performance we'll provide insights that will increase efficiency, reduce costs, and provide opportunities for growth.

Get in touch to start your assessment today!