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Product Portfolio Builder

Looking to design and launch a range of new innovative products? Allow us to help!

Ideal for startups and SMEs

Prompt completion

Market leading prices

Fully remote service

Perfect for companies of all sizes, whether you're launching your first ever product, or adding another to your extensive range, our Product Portfolio Builder will assist your business in creating unique products, bespoke to your organisation.


Whether you're developing a physical item, or a digital service, our team at ZOOZLY have vast experience in designing, testing, pricing, and selling products, both within the UK, and internationally. Our team have secured global sales throughout 18 different countries for products where they have overseen the full development cycle, from concept design, through to completion.

With a track record of design, sales, and production across Europe, Asia, and North America, our team's expertise will help your business keep on top of product development throughout. We'll do this by employing best practice across all activities undertaken, effectively managing operational timelines, ensuring quality standards, and where possible, evoking cost saving measures. 

Upon finalising the project, your business will have a truly unique fully branded product, complete with a user friendly online listing, an effective pricing strategy, and bespoke market positioning guidance to help secure sales.

Our Product Portfolio Builder Includes:
  • Branding and Labelling

  • Packaging Design

  • Colourway and Styling

  • Supplier Sourcing

  • Sustainability Evaluation

  • Online Listing

  • Associated Wording and Asset Creation

  • Pricing Strategy 

  • Market Positioning Advice

  • Ad Hoc Requests


How We Work

Three simple steps to build your portfolio!


Get in touch!

To get started, head to our contact page to book an introductory call at a date and time which best suits you.


Discussion and Research

In the discovery call we'll look to understand your business as best as possible, explore your requirements, review your current product portfolio (if applicable), agree checkpoints to review our progress, and set a deadline for completion.

We'll then let you know anything we need from you, and sign any non-disclosure agreements that you require, before we begin researching the industry you operate within, along with your competitors. This will ensure originality of design, thus differentiating your products from anything else currently available. 


Design and Launch

Once we've conducted our comprehensive research phase, and been supplied with the relevant resources required from you, we'll then commence the project, performing the tasks outlined in the discovery call.


As we progress, we'll collaborate closely with your team, utilising the feedback provided, along with the checkpoints for review, to make any necessary adjustments to the approach taken, thus ensuring you're 100% satisfied with our work.

Upon completion of your unique product design, we'll then sit down with you to develop an effective pricing strategy, along with providing bespoke market positioning guidance, to ensure you secure sales for your business.

Our help doesn't have to stop there though, we can even assist in marketing your new product launch, with our Marketing Support service.

United Kingdom Straight Edge - ZOOZLY

Client Spotlight

United Kingdom Straight Edge

Challenged with creating a complete portfolio of product designs for online fashion retailer United Kingdom Straight Edge, we created a unique logo, tagline, colourway and styling profile, along with a host of product variations to symbolise the ethos of the streetwear brand. Upon completion we secured a decade's trademark protection for the business, protecting the bespoke designs created, which helped build the profile of the company, propelling them to becoming one of the leading brands globally within the Straight Edge clothing market, having secured sales within 18 countries globally, throughout 3 continents.

Define Innovation

Create unique products, differentiate your brand, and capture market share with our expert support.

Get in touch to get started crafting your new product portfolio!