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Interim Positions

In need of a leader to spearhead your growing business? Let us help!

Ideal for startups and SMEs

Trusted by professionals

Flexible timeframes

Fully remote service

Ideal for startups and SMEs in need of a leader who can make an instant impact, at ZOOZLY our team are experienced in a range of industries, where they have either founded their own business, operated as a COO, or performed within a Head of Marketing capacity. At these times they have either created their own startups, or took a leading role in propelling SMEs. One thing remains constant, they have always generated success.

Perfect for CEO, COO, or CMO positions, we can also be adaptable to the exact needs of your organisations.


Whether you need us in-situ for a predetermined timeframe, or on an open ended basis, we'll be there for as long as you require us, in order to generate the results you so desperately need!

Our Interim Position Support Includes:
  • CEO / COO / CMO Positions

  • Experienced Startup Founders

  • Remote Availability Globally

  • Multi Industry Experience

  • Flexible Timeframes

  • Ad Hoc Requests


How We Work

Three simple steps to kickstart growth!


Get in touch!

Get in touch via our contact page and one of the team will get back to you ASAP, it's as simple as that!


Discussion and Planning

You can set online meet at a time and date that's convenient for you, to go over your thoughts, requirements, and intended timeline for your incoming interim position. We'll then understand exactly what's needed, and when. 

We'll then research your business, as well as the industry you operate within, so that we truly understand how we can positively impact your firm, right from the word go! 


Come on Board!

Once we've understood what you need, and most importantly, how we can help you, we'll finalise the finer details and set a start date.

From then we'll be onboard for as long as you need, setting regular checkpoints for you to evaluate the partnership, and ensure you are 100% satisfied.


Whilst we're on board, we can even review your company's progression, with our Company Health Checks.

Your Growth

Our team are vastly experienced in leading businesses to success, let them take the reigns of your startup or SME, and come in as an Interim CEO, COO, or CMO to kickstart your progression!

Get in touch and we'll talk your through our expertise.