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Branding Projects

We create powerful brands, which differentiate our clients from all others within the market, raising their brand equity, through differentiation in design. To see what you can hope to achieve, take a look through the examples given below, which demonstrate our excellence when delivering bespoke creations.

Management For Locums Branding by ZOOZLY.png

Management For Locums

Providing support across multiple areas, we assisted the business in helping to reimagine the company’s branding, marketing, website, and strategic approach. In doing so, this included the design and build of a new website, complete with live chat functionality, the development of a wealth of strategic plans, inclusive of customer acquisition maps, and creation of a wide range of bespoke marketing designs, along with a catalogue of supporting assets. In addition to this, we also created a plethora of pitch decks, which we provided alongside coaching on how to help secure SEED investment.

United Kingdom Straight Edge - ZOOZLY

United Kingdom Straight Edge

Challenged with creating a full brand profile, and a range of supporting assets for online fashion retailer United Kingdom Straight Edge, we created a unique logo, tagline, colourway and styling profile, to symbolise the ethos of the streetwear brand. Upon completion we secured a decade's trademark protection for the business, protecting the bespoke designs created, which helped propelling them to becoming one of the leading brands globally within the Straight Edge clothing market.

Luke Meakin Coaching - ZOOZLY Brand Design.png

Luke Meakin Coaching

Asked to create a captivating brand profile, along with a range of associated digital assets, we worked closely with the founder of Luke Meakin Coaching, to design a unique logo, tagline, colourway and styling profile, which summarised the simplicity of their offering, and the ease in which customers could interact with their brand. Our creations have formed the cornerstone of their business, and are now utilised extensively throughout their website, and marketing campaigns.

Ember Comms - ZOOZLY Brand Design

Ember Comms

Tasked with designing and trademarking a bespoke brand design for startup PR agency, Ember Comms, ZOOZLY worked closely with the company's founder to create a bespoke logo, colourway, and styling profile, along with a full suite of associated assets. Providing support throughout the early stages of launch, we secured a decade's trademark protection for the business, protecting the bespoke brand designs created, and ensuring long term differentiation.

Laura Bailie - ZOOZLY Brand Design

Laura Bailie

Asked to create a unique branding profile for choral conductor, Laura Bailie, we created a full branding suite, complete with bespoke logo design, styling profile, and a selection of varied tangible assets. Our support helped distinguish Laura from others within her field, whilst opening up new routes in which to secure additional bookings in the future. This helped to expand her reach nationally, and generate increased revenue.


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We're passionate about of our work, and take great pride in delivering exceptional customer service. 

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Ryan designed a comprehensive strategic brand & marketing plan for my business that was thorough and creative. He was a pleasure to work with - due to possessing the rare combination of talent, professionalism and a clear desire to deliver exceptional results.

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.

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